Mandatory new year post

I like how the ‘New Post’ button now just says ‘Write’. It is an order rather than a plea. So 2017 is here and it seems like the mandatory new year posts, at least, are one constant in my life. 2016 was a strange year. By world standard it was rather tumultuous, what with the political situations around the world escalating and it culminating in the election of quite possibly the lowest man to quite possibly the most powerful position.

However, if I take stock on the personal side I am hard pressed to find much to whinge about. Which is why current state of mind is rather inexplicable.

We went back to the southern hemisphere for the holidays. I want to say we went home but we didn’t. Try as I might, there will only be one ‘home’ and that is New Zealand. No other place can envelope me with that feeling of home. No other water is blue enough, no other beach is beach enough. But this year it was across the ditch to Australia. And for the first time in over a decade we were surrounded by friends.  And it reinforced the fact that we are incredibly lucky people. I am sure every friendship is special but I want to believe that ours is unique. And I can safely say that if I’m stranded on any continent on Earth (and most countries I am bound to end up in) I have a friend a phone call away who will come and bail me out, take me home and then give me an earful. We are much older now, greying, parents ourselves, but the bad jokes remain. And for that I’m grateful.

This year brings with it the promise of new things, but I also hope it brings more sun, more song, more dance, more food and more sea.



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