Letters to myself

My Grandfather used to say “If you can do Maths, you can do anything”. Of course he was referring to my school curriculum in Std. 5! But as I am older now and free to interpret advice at my will, I like to think that he didn’t really mean Math but meant the scientific way of thinking.
Many people have said to me ‘Life is not a mathematical equation’. True. But even Mathematics is not a mathematical equation. An equation is just a tool used to solve a problem. And this is where my grandfather’s words ring true.
If you can apply the scientific method then you can solve any problem. You see the scientific method is simple: it takes the facts as we know them today, it takes logic as we understand it today, and it can give you a reason for the problem and possibly a solution. Sometimes it can also predict what might happen based on the facts and extrapolated based on the logic. However, the single most beautiful thing about the scientific method is that it is happy to be wrong. It adapts. If new facts come along that disprove the chain of logic, it goes back to the point of breakdown and starts building up again.
So this got me thinking – I reckon the scientific method can be applied to literally everything. Even life. In fact, it should be applied to life as we know it. It should be used by us everyday to go through life.
Now I hear some of you – what about creativity, life would be so boring, what about the unpredictable. Well, these are completely unrelated to the scientific method. It doesn’t kill creativity. It doesn’t eliminate excitement. What it does is help problem solving. And it does so in a credible, constant way.
The scientific method is difficult. It relies on absolute, brutal facts. And in order to apply it correctly to life, one has to be brutally honest with oneself. As humans we are conditioned to pass blame and not take responsibility for our actions. Case in point: religion, deities, Godmen. Or better still, shirk the long hard road; diets, wonder drugs, quick fixes. Nothing comes easy, not in life.


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