I hereby….

What really gets my goat is when people ask ‘So you think science can answer everything and religion/faith cannot’. 

Science and religion are not equivalent.  They are NOT two sides of the same coin. Science is not a belief system – the scientific method is a systematic gathering of evidence that leads to a conclusion. This conclusion may change if contradictory evidence is found. Science needs to be contradicted/challenged for its progress. I do not ‘believe’ in science. I don’t need to. To me, science is a collection of facts. The facts, in themselves, just exist. They always have. Whether we know about them or not. The things that we don’t know, can’t know- science tells us to what degree it ‘predicts’ they are a certain way. The rest is up to me. 

The scientific method makes it possible for us to 1. Explain certain facts and/or 2. Make predictions about things that we cannot experience, within a certain degree of error.

Maybe what I believe in is progress. And only science can give that to me. Religion/faith cannot. I would go as far as to say that it is completely wrong to pit science against religion in a ‘race’ to answer the same questions (actually only science is in the race because it is attempting to answer the big questions!). Religion is make-believe. There is not a shred of evidence needed for anything in religion. It is like me writing a story and getting a million people to believe that the story is right. Actually I might do that. Just as an experiment.

At this moment in time, all the scientific evidence I know points to the ‘fact’ that there is no God. The minute I typed that I thought – Oh crap! What if there is and I go to hell for my blasphemy. Well if I do, then some things I know for a fact:

  • There are a bunch of scientists in hell right now, who, if ‘alive’, are working very hard to find out if there is something beyond hell.
  • If they can remember their life before hell, they are trying bloody hard to get a message back so that we have more evidence and more facts about hell
  • They will succeed sooner or later
  • I will join them


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