It’s early 2016 and last year was particularly dismal for my writing! Much of it had to do with the fact that 2015 felt no different to 2014, which felt no different to the year before. The past two and a half years have sort of blended into one big mass of time. Bringing confusion, uncertainty and really not much clarity at all. Last January I rued the fact that it didn’t feel like a ‘new year’. The old baggage remained and got heavier.

I’m glad to say that some of that has changed! Last year brought with it a new job, a driver’s licence and some freedom and clarity. It also helps that certain family members too have new found stability in their lives and overall 2016 looks like the sun is peeking, gingerly, from behind the clouds. Not literally yet. If New Zealand is where the sun rises first, Dornbirn in winter certainly seems like it’s been waiting for the sun’s rays forever!

One of the pleasant surprises in the second half of 2015 and in the new year so far, has been the fact that nothing turned out as bad as expected (note how I still cannot say ‘better than expected’, that would be too risky!). The first break was filled with food, laughs and travel. The winter wasn’t as severe as the year before and the second break brought amazing weather, food and unanticipated relaxation  (with business class tickets to boot!).

Things that I want seem within reach. Although they still need me to wake up, get up and go get ’em.



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