Moving to a new country isnt everything its made out to be. Its something else. First off lets call a spade a spade, it takes a certain amount of insanity to give up, voluntarily mind you, everything thats familiar and comfortable. It also takes a certain amount of disregard for one’s sanity.

Moving away isnt about adventure or new horizons. The world has pretty much worked itself into a template and unless you move to the Amazonian jungle youre unlikely to find a place devoid of noodles, pizza and an Indian store. The communication issue is another myth. You can always get by with hand gestures and a strong will. The world is shrinking. 

While it is easy to glorify this life on facebook, living away, to me, hasnt taught me ‘about other cultures, people and their food’. What it has taught me is things about myself that i never knew. It has taught me how to travel…. light and without anxiety. It has taught me to sleep on flights and do the time difference math quickly and also think about the weather. It has taught me not to get attached to all my material belongings because not everything makes it across 3 countries in the back of a moving truck in one piece. It has taught me not to fuss. It has taught me about loneliness in a way that nothing else has. It has also taught me to be comfortable being in my own head. It has taught me patience and resilience. It has taught me to manage my money.

But most of all it has taught me to hold on to the right things and let go of the rest. So I no longer bemoan the lack of ‘interesting experiences’ or ‘adventure’. Im learning slowly but surely that knowing that I will be fine anywhere, anyway, anyhow.


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