So the 30 day letter challenge seems like a bit of a bust! There are a few people on the list that deserve a post and a post they shall get! Meanwhile, I realise that certain goings on were never documented for posterity!

Two weeks ago,  I ‘rushed’ to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. With excruciating stomach ache. Contrary to my expectations I was promptly seen, admitted, sedated, tested thoroughly, rested and let go. The hitch in otherwise perfect proceedings being that my test results go to my GP who is on holidays till the end of this month, by which time said test results will be obsolete and we will take it from there.

Friends and family were surprised to hear that this was my second ever hospital visit (barring the jaundice when I was 11) and first admission. I guess people are given to impressions and general impression has it that I am rather unwell most of the time. While I accept the annual allergy bout graciously  red nose and all, I refuse to accept the tag of ‘sickly’. Because I have seen sickly people and it is unfortunate and sad.

As it stands the stomach is, lets say, undecided on whether or not it is cured. There are days when it behaves as a stomach should. And other days when it just wants to make its presence known and acts up like a child denied candy. But I have had to deny it candy and other things things that make food worth eating. Fingers crossed that everything is good and dandy and one can resume normal functions!


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