30 day Letter Challenge – 1

Dear Best Friend,

thank you for being with me through different phases of my life. Since you are no longer here, I feel your absence like a missing limb. You’ve changed faces and forms over the years but you’ve always been a source of laughs and, inadvertently, a source of strength.

We were neighbours playing in our yards, calling out to each other over the common wall and jumping it into each other’s houses. We’ve taken all our grandmothers’ cushions out to the front porch, built a fort and stomped on them. We took the telling off rather well. 

You then became the new girl in class who also lived in my colony. We played cricket and basketball. Shared our lunches on the school steps and also fought at times. We took the same bus to school and back, sat next to each other in class. I didn’t talk to you about books because you didn’t like reading. Or singing or writing. But we talked all the same. About life, first crushes and how I could name your first born child. I moved away and we lost touch. But the memories remain.

You then became two people – so different yet so similar. We grew together, sometimes apart. Oceans came between us as did other people. But somewhere I like to believe that we’re still those three girls sitting in study-hall, talking about movies music and whether or not we should go to Burger King after school. 

I have learned to live without you. Yet, occasionally, when I walk to work in the mornings and pass by friends sitting in a cafe, sharing a laugh over breakfast, I see you – every one of you. And I wish for those times, simpler times, again.


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