9th October 2012. This date will be etched in my memory for as long as I live. There are times in life when things happen that are so significant, that they render everything else insignificant.

It started with an innocuous comment by a friend at lunch. I had just set down my lunch tray and was looking at the rather unappetizing meal in front of me when she said ‘Hey didn’t Abhinav work for some guy in Paris, I just heard that some French professor has won the Nobel Prize’. While ordinary people might pooh pooh this as irrelevant to one’s daily life, I mean who cares who won what prize, I nearly choked on the overcooked fish!
THE PRIZE was in the offing and it was well known in scientific circles, but could it be? Surely, it couldn’t! How many people could claim to have worked on a Nobel Prize winning experiment barely out of their twenties?
I somehow kept my cool over lunch, willing the others to eat quickly! Rushed back to my desk and sent the text message ‘Haroche has been announced this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics!!’. Send. tick tick one, tick tick two, the phone rang and that is when I knew that this was huge!

Yes people Abhinav Somaraju worked with a group that was directly involved in developing the theory for the Nobel Prize winning experiment of Serge Haroche.

And while the world listened to Haroche’s reaction through the wonder of internet and social media, we sat in our corner of the world, in disbelief that Abhinav had been a part of this. After all this is the dream, and now we are just that little bit closer!


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