Do you still sing? Clear notes ringing out. No music to accompany you. Do you still write? Poems, prose, words. Do you still dream? Of prizes, victories, joys? Do you still build… that dream house on the beach? Do you still watch … the rain and smell the earth? Do you still walk …. by the store windows with the lights dancing in your eyes? Do you still dance.. silly made up steps to make those around you laugh. Do you still need… a hug, a touch, a smile? Do you still smile… the smile … with your lips, your eyes and that line above your nose. Do you still laugh…. at things that nobody else understands. Do you still draw… meaningless doodles that turn into something pretty on a page. Do you still read…. every word, every sentence, every page of every book? Do you still want? Do you still care?


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