This is my spot. In an ever-changing world it is a single point of consistency. If my life were expressed as a function in a four-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, that spot, at the moment I first sat on it, would be 0,0,0,0. – Sheldon Cooper

The importance of a single point of consistency has never hit me before. Two nights ago I was back from travelling to see the husband to a cold house. The boiler was having problems again, and again I had to fix it. I resigned myself to a dinner-less sleep and just as I got into bed and pulled the covers over me, something flew into my eye. Rub as I might it wouldn’t budge. Flushing the eye with water, drops, more water, nothing seemed to work. I even thought I might have imagined it and tried to go back to sleep, but, of course, I didn’t imagine it. It took a few moments to realise the gravity of the situation – at half past ten on a Wednesday night, after travelling for 6 hours and fixing the boiler, I might have to cab it to the hospital and wait endlessly at the emergency. This thought and the sudden realisation that I am literally all alone in a foreign land made me burst into uncontrollable tears, which promptly flushed out the darned foreign body. Spent as I was after an hour of this, I made myself some soup and managed to finally get some shut-eye. 

I have never been good with changes although I long for them every so often. I prefer my changes small, unnoticeable and hope that they will just blend into my existence rather than cause upheaval of any sort. The last few months have brought major changes and a promise of the unknown. I have a new job to start, plenty of travel to do and miles to go before I sleep. There are some ‘constants’ that I have relied on my whole life. Work, home, people. Right now they are all in a state of flux. As am I.




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