I want to sit in a cafe, sip a hot drink and watch the world pass by this evening. People rushing home in the drizzle trying to beat the traffic, crowds and twilight. I then want it to be sunny. Surrounded by trees, mountains, maybe a lake. To walk along or swim in warm waters. Endless waters. Blue skies. I want to cook a three course meal and have it served to me at a table, by candle light, shining silver, glistening plates, clinking of wine glasses in the glow of a restaurant, tables swathed in crisp linen.  I want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. Maybe run to work the muscles to exhaustion. Climb a hill, or a mountain. Ski down a snowy slope with the fierce wind and winter chill in my bones. Afraid of nothing and wanting more. I want to shop for gifts. Wrap them in colourful paper and tie a bow around them. I want to write. With a pen. Beautifully formed words on ivory sheets of paper. I want to think until I understand and the mysteries of nature unravel in my mind and my eyes light up with clarity. I want to sing. Loud, clear and haunting tunes. I want to dance. Gracefully, gliding, twirling and resting in perfect harmony. I want to smile. Happy, rested, blissful and content.


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