I really must write again. Every so often I come back to this space, type a sentence or two, read it myself and then chicken out of hitting publish. I was looking through the incomplete drafts and realised that they show, so beautifully, the evolution of my state as it were, through last year. Early 2013 I was back to freezing Brussels from  warm and sunny Auckland, a little tired but raring to go. Except there was no where to go to. So soon after that things sort of fell into a rather ho-hum state of affairs with nothing much to write home or blog about. Until June which heralded 30 years since I graced this planet and the husband, in completely out of character fashion, go together most of the old Auckland gang for a week long do in Greece! Much drinking, laughing, eating and partying happened topped off by the actual birth day which was spent on a boat (yacht?) in Santorini. And then there was more icing on the cake when we ran into Hrithik Roshan, posed for pictures and partied with the film crew (well they were dancing next to us, guarded by bodyguards, sad life it must be). The trip was epic and it goes to show that friends are always just that, friends and they’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall…

And thus the year continued until the in-laws visited and we got some R&R, travel and food. During this time the major upheavals began and just as my own folks came and left, things just turned on their head and before I knew it the bearer-of-all-brunt had moved out (just for work, not moved on), I was still living out of a suitcase and the cold weather was settling in just as if the whole year had been nothing more than a tiny flash.

End of the year is a busy time and in general, I am operating more in reserves rather than actual energy. I tend not to take extended holidays until the very end, when it is more of a collapsing from exhaustion rather than an actual holiday. This time it was India for a wedding. Family was visited, food was duly consumed day, night and day and general hanging around happened bringing with it the new year.

So far 2014 has not brought any surprises. Which is good. And bad. Whether it is a year for moving on or moving out remains to be seen. Until then I want to make a resolution, which in itself is a surprise. I want  to be kind to myself. Because I am my first and last point of contact, my laughter rings in my ears and my tears fall on my cheeks. Hoping for more of the former this year.


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