I have plenty to pen but not the words to do it with. Nevertheless, the urge to see my words in neat, coherent paragraphs prevails. Looking back I see that left off with a rather random laundry list of things done and things to do. Life has decided that enough is enough and it will take over where I left off. So new beginnings are in sight.

The new found free time, a result of finishing the second level of Dutch and not enrolling for the third, is being spent at yoga. My first experience with yoga here in Brussels was extremely disappointing – a teacher that spoke only French (which doesn’t help the deep breathing techniques) and didn’t really care if you were doing a hand stand when you should have been standing on your feet!

However, the incessant aches and pains, lack of flexibility and overall meh-ness pushed me to try again. And I’m glad I did. The current yoga ‘school’ is uber organised, serious and above all – it works! So I don’t mind that it stretches my day beyond measure, at least as long as the husband is willing to have a hot meal on the table.


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