I think, no I firmly believe that a good book is one that keeps you asking ‘why’ and in this aspect ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn succeeds enormously. However, yes there is a ‘however’, the answers to aforementioned ‘why’s are a tad disappointing. Not in the plot but in the language.

The plot is weaved well. Engaging albeit predictable in some parts but for the life of me I cannot fathom why present day writers think that doing away with vocabulary amounts to bringing in realism. This book, one of many, would have been elevated several notches with better language. Not better writing, just better language.

Take Dan Brown’s latest. ‘Inferno’ is by no means a classic. It barely makes it to thriller. But the bits where Dan Brown does what he does best, write about history, about art, about Florence and Venice, he does this like few others can. The language is beautiful and the places are brought alive by the descriptions. That part could well be a labour of love and it shines through beautifully in his writing. Of course everything goes south when he get’s back to the plot and he almost makes no pretence of the fact that he wants this book to be turned into a movie, so much so that one I was almost expecting a ‘coming soon to a theatre near you!’ ad at the end of the book!

It is this lack of language that stands out, to me, like a sore thumb throughout ‘Gone Girl’. The characters just fall short of being full. The scenes of being dramatic and no amount of expletives can make up for that fact.

But is plot if good and so I shall toil through.


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