A few months into my work in Belgium, we were hosting a few students and showing them the labs and making them do science type things. These were 16 year olds and our job was to convince them that science, and nothing else, was the way to go!

So we took them to lunch. On the house. Even for us. And while walking back one of the girls asked me a question which caught me totally off guard. She said ‘How come your parents allowed you to move so far away’. I had a take a minute and think and then draw a blank.

Ever since I can remember work, and I say work not career, has taken priority over all else. Over the usual suspects like food, sleep and exercise but slowly also over people, relationships and sometimes family.

I say work because in hindsight that’s all it really has been. When I upped and moved to Australia on a month’s notice it went unquestioned. It was but the most obvious thing to do. Same with crossing over to the other side of the world.

I live in the hope that my priorities are right. And if they aren’t I live in the hope that I never find out.


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