Now this one I like!

It has taken a while and a change to wordpress. Thank you blogger you were a faithful companion as companions go but it was time for a change. I hope this one stays a while.

Patience is not a virtue I posses any more in any measure! I never thought of myself as craving change or even having the need to move on, let alone to move! But come three years in a place and I start getting … antsy for the lack of a better word. Not full fledged let’s do something about it, going all out antsy but rather a niggling, nagging, bugging antsy where every day seems a bit more of a drag than the last and the mind and body crave a new challenge, new sights even a new home!

This is not good this thriving on change! After all, aren’t we creatures that were meant to settle down and grow roots? 

The Dutch classes came to an end four weeks ago and pass and we both did with flying colours, we are rather hesitant to take them on again. It is like a new found freedom this two nights a week! No more rushing home as against time, plonking one bag down, picking up the other, cannon balling a coffee and keeping the eyelids open, moods up and temper down until nightfall. 

So in true biting off more than one can chew fashion I have enrolled in yoga classes, attended four, missed 2, injured the intercostal muscles and am on the road to recovery. 

Summer is here and the Gods graced us with a week of sunshine where every TDH ensured they got their annual Vit D supply and as the clouds gather again we gather our wits and head towards the weekend. 


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