I had an epiphany of sorts yesterday. It was minor as epiphanies go but since this space must be revived at all costs, the aforementioned epiphany will be penned here for posterity.
For the 28 odd years that I have inhabited God’s green earth everyone around me has told me that I do a lot (was it a Freudian slip that I typed that ‘do a not’ before correcting it?). But introspection led me to conclude that I am not a driven person (although I was in the literal sense of the word till a few years ago which friends and bus drivers will bear testament to). I do not have a burning passion for my job, do not have the drive that leads me to wake up thinking of something or wake up at all for that matter.
Nor am I easily influenced, which leads some people to be driven to follow other people. What I am is inspired. Easily, constantly, and consistently inspired. By everything and everyone around me. Some inspirations are short lived as are the consequent actions. Others last for life. The more I think about it the more I realise that we live in largely uninspiring times. Where the holy grail seems to be lack of social interaction altogether, what with being able to speak to your responding iPhone! I mean Siri-ously!
So running out of fuel as we might be – we continue to live in hope, after all we can be inspired by those around us who also continue without inspiration!


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