Thank you for the sunshine
thank you for the rain
thank you for making life for us
a little sane

Thanks for taking us in
like we always belonged
thanks for giving us a home
and keeping us safe and warm

Thank you for the beaches
the wide expanse of sea
more beauty than we could imagine
more joy than there could be

Thank you for the countless friends
most of whom remain
thanks for memories to last a lifetime
thanks for changing, yet staying the same

As the distances grow and dim
across oceans we roam
thank you for giving us the privilege
of calling you home

It has been 12 years of calling Auckland home. I found something I had written many years ago – and thought I should put it up. Just like all other years, this festive season too was spent in the warm embraces of home and the sun-kissed Auckland beaches.
Nothing compares to a warm cup of tea with the family – nothing at all. I don’t have a resolution this year as much as a revelation – I want to be home. So come on world, having me around here is a limited time offer – make the most of it!


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