Keeping up the almost-two-posts-a-week trend, I think my first movie-watching in Brussels deserves a post of its own!
So it has been over a month since I landed in the land of chocolates and beer and whatnot and I had not been to the movies! Surprisingly, another friend was in a similar position and we decided to make an evening of it. So the three of us, Ashanka included, decided to go watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D.
Turns out movies in Brussels (Im not sure if I can speak for all of Belgium) are very cheap and the theaters are not half bad! 10 Euros (or thereabouts) for a ticket to a 3-D movie plus a pass for 2 bucks more for a free movie anything this month! Hell yeah!
The movie itself – loved it! And not just because it stars Johnny Depp (actually it has a brilliant cast!). I liked the movie because it has captured the essence of the story. AiW is not, for the most part, a feel good book. I have always seen a dark-side to it and for years I felt like I was the only one. I mean its ‘wonderland’ for Godsakes!

In other news the colleague has taken off since it is a sunny day and the weekend will be cloudy so he would rather work then. I, for my part, am determined to finish what I had planned for the day but somehow the motivation is waning. Amidst this, the general ‘meh’ness that surrounds today and the fact that I made the stupid mistake of listening to ‘Tum Mile’, the mood is fast dipping.
Tum Mile is the song that I have avoided since I came to Brussels. This is the song that floods my mind with memories of Auckland and the summer past. The song that I played on repeat in the car while driving around with my folks and sister, to do wedding type things and soaking in the sun and enjoying the carefree-ness of being home, the warmth of family and friends just feeling Auckland and trying to file away every little bit to keep with me while I moved.
Needless to say, the song came on, and the eyes welled up.
I long for another Auckland summer.


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