So I’m in Brussels but what the heck am I doing here. I mean let’s be honest, Brussels is hardly your dream city and no it was not a dare.
As all of you that have read my blog know by now, my PhD years, were not fun – to put it mildly. What you may not know, is that I became part of (co-founded!) a very interesting group during my PhD that resulted in some very lucrative and interesting extra-curricular activities. Interesting, because I discovered that it was something I loved doing and was marginally good at and lucrative because now that is my job and pays for the proverbial (and sometimes literal) bacon that I bring home.
Now before the imagination goes wild – this is not a guessing game. I left applied science – yes, but not that far behind. Let’s say I walked out of the lab – to the corridors. Science communication. This does not mean that I preach the benefits of studying science to impressionable young minds (saint style) – or maybe it does. But I try to show them that science is cool. And every once in a while tell them that it matters who your boss is! But that is the case for all jobs and they will learn it anyway (Life lesson 1 it is!) and its always useful to show them that being at a university is just as bad as being in the corporate world.
What makes it work for me – well flexible hours, more annual leave, travel paid for – you know the usual.
So far it has been good, the days are packed with things to do and, for the first time, I have work people to have lunch with rather than sitting morosely at my computer with a dejected looking sandwich, or worse still, McDonalds!
If only the weather would echo my sentiments and throw some sunshine our way then I can off with a merry song – but for now it is less of ‘Season’s in the Sun’ and more ‘Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head’.

Au revoir


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