I have three lives. And sometimes the boundaries between them blur. Sometimes when I am in that semiconscious state between sleep and wakefulness, sometimes in the early mornings or very late at night thoughts drift in, of friends, smells, festivals, people and events. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort and recall which life these are a part of.
Opening all the doors as the rain beats down on the warm earth and watching people run helter skelter for cover, lazy afternoons sitting in my room with the angled roof and reading while the rest of the household slept, waking up late on Sundays and making a big lunch and only eating it at 3 pm! All these are but fragments of memories now. Some from my life as a kid growing in in ITI colony, others of living in our house in Jayanagar with my grandparents, yet others of home in New Zealand, our first real home and the last few of my three years as a grad student in Canberra.
There are times when all these memories become one, the friends merge and at times I start talking about one to another and then stop myself realising that one doesn’t know the other. They are parts of separate lives.
Summer is slowly approaching bringing with it floods of summer memories. Each from a different life – each one just as special and real.


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