Disjointed thoughts

My thoughts are disjointed. So will this post be. If you look at the comment to the last post you will see the one that tells me to keep my chin up. That’s my mother for you. Recovering herself, she’s up and about and asking me to keep my chin up no less!
If only I had half her spunk… actually I’m’ going to stop this rant about ‘If only I had half the…’. If I want ‘half the..’ then I should go get ‘half the..’. Or ‘all of the…’. Wow! punctuating that was hard!
The ‘show and tell’ went of grandly yesterday and all the tension was unnecessary.
In other happenings I am so exhausted that I cannot open my eyes before nine am each morning. It helps that the supervisor is away all of this week but it does not help as he is coming back and I need to be in for Monday morning meetings!
Canberra weather is freezing as usual and so is the water in my bathroom! Somehow between 8 and 10 each morning the water heating system seems to take a break and pour out cold water! Is there anything worse than a cold shower on a cold morning. I think not! Actually, there is something worse – the house-agent doing nothing about it!
Does anyone else suffer from really cold hands and feet? How do you get by – it’s a mystery!


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