C’est la vie II

Thank you to everyone to expressed concern following my previous post. Things are (almost) back on track if not looking up. Yesterday was strange.
I woke up wanting to take the day off and said to myself that all I needed was a sign. Stopped off at the library on the way to work, checked out a dozen books and as carried them out and set them down I was suddenly aware of a throbbing pain in the little finger on my right hand. Further inspection showed that it had proceeded to turn blue and was slowly but steadily becoming numb. The university health centre was not far and I half-heartedly trudged along to it, fully expecting to be told (rudely!) that a doctor was not available, as usual. I marched up to reception and thrust my, now swollen beyond recognition, finger in the lady’s face and she promptly took me in to see the nurse who, at first glance, asked if I had been stung by a bee. After I convinced her that it was no bee she had a Eureka moment and said ‘I know what this is, you’ve ruptured a blood vessel!’ (with a huge smile of her face!!). WTF!! ruptured a blood vessel?! I’m not even 25 yet!!
That did it, I wept like a baby – all the stress of the last month and a half pouring out of my eyes but I wasn’t bawling, I was smiling – at the irony of it all.
Havent’ we all heard people say to us ‘Calm down you’ll burst a blood vessel at this rate?’. Ok maybe we all don’t grow up hearing that but growing up in my ‘doctor type’ household we heard it a lot and it was so damned ironic that it had actually happened.
So after the tears came the trepidation. The obvious question to me, and of course I asked the nurse this, ‘So i’m bursting blood vessels now, what if it bursts in my head next?!’. She thought this was mighty funny and laughed and then realising that I was serious consoled me and said it was probably the weight of all the books and I had just hit my finger yada ya.
Anyhow, this was of course the sign I had been waiting for all morning and I headed off home in all my blue and black g(l)ory. A frantic phone call to my dad followed and a hurried checking of arms and legs to ensure that I wasn’t going on a blood-vessel bursting spree! This was then followed by some wisdom from mom where she told me that if a brain aneurysm was to happen there was nothing anyone could do about it so live life king size – today! That’s my mom, the eternal tough love optimist.
Back home, fed and content I fell into a deep, dreamy slumber till 5 pm! Ah! ’twas a good day!


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