Home and Away

After a weekend of highs comes the unavoidable low – of being back in Canberra. While the five day holiday went by in the blink of an eye it was as good a weekend as any other spent back home.
Doing nothing is an art, a hobby and it is virtually impossible for some people! Like mothers, they cannot sit down and do nothing. They insist on doing everything while their kids are in town and quite frankly I don’t mind one bit! Yet I feel guilty sometimes, a 25 year old with arms and legs in perfect working condition lazing on the couch all day long but then I think about my 70 year old grandmother who still will not let my dad lift a finger while we are home with her!
I guess we will always be that age to our parents and they will always get an unfathomable satisfaction from feeding, clothing and generally pampering us.
Even the thought of going home relaxes me, my shoulders drop and I lose the proverbial crease in the brow.
This trip was great! Caught up with V and her MOTH and had an enjoyable evening with my dad regaling us with tales of his childhood, interspersed with my mother and her additions to them.
I miss home, I miss my folks and I miss New Zealand.
Especially when the only thing welcoming me back to Canberra is rain and sub-zero temperatures.


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