For the love of the game

Do you think in blogs? Of late I do! Any event that I think is worth writing about translates itself into a little story.
So, last weekend was blissfully spent in Melbourne at the Australian Open! Amidst the brilliant atmosphere, good seats and heaps of junk food. Watching tennis live is an experience in itself. So this year the list of sightings included Sharapova, Justine Henin, the Williams sisters, Nadal, Sania Mirza and Leander Paes (to name a few!) Bloody brilliant!
Next year it will be Fed, Roddick, Djokovic and (by the looks of it!) Tipseravic!
Speaking of lists – another blogger wrote about her list. You know the list.
Here’s mine: Not in any order, just off the top of my head

Roger Federer – For sheer effortless power
Prince William – understated regality
Matthew McConeghey – rugged good looks
Hrithik Roshan – the moves!
Hugh Jackman – Have you seen ‘Scoop’?!!
Will Smith – That smile
Kyle Chandler – The looks again
Matthew Perry – actually the character he plays ‘Chandler’

Of course this list, like all others is subject to additions and omissions but Im happy in that it is fairly non-standard, what say?
Would love to know yours!


4 thoughts on “For the love of the game

  1. hmmm i really need to think of my own list now…but here’s some random onesRahul Dravid – yes everyone knows of my obsession – to the extent that i seem to fall for look alikes too! 😉 – too hard to give a reason except that he’s Rahul Dravid!Zaheer Khan – oooooh HOT…man that face…i could dieIrfan Pathan & Shane Bond – fit perfectly into my chocolate boy tastesEnough cricketers perhaps?John Abraham – I dont even know where to start…personification of S-E-X-Y to meHrithik – If someone can dance like that..well you fill in the restMilind Soman – To me the only perfect creation of God (physically anyway)Will Smith – That BODY with THAT SMILE! *shiver*i will add more soon 🙂

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