Fun n Games Room

Today’s fortune on Orkut says ‘Good things are being said about you’.
Makes me rather uncomfortable that somebody, somewhere might be talking about me as I type this. Even if they are saying good things.
It is Friday and it seems like a decent weekend to look forward to. I discovered the ‘games room’ at work yesterday. Not sure how long it has been operational but it is complete with pool table, TT table and dart board. A good diversion if not distraction from work I say! And many might mistakenly think that the reason it went undiscovered was because I have been working too hard. In fact nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth being that as soon as my rear hits the office chair my body and brain go into a vegetative state in which they remain till about 5.30 pm, when I painstakingly hoist myself away from Orkut, Gmail, Facebook and other such and head home.
Of other goings on – there is not really much to talk about except the weather! Those that know me know that complaining about the weather is my favourite pastime. I was born in Gwalior and raised in Bangalore for the first fifteen years of my life. The Bangalore climate is excellent, or atleast it was all the years that I lived there. It is not too hot, not too cold – its just right! (sort of like that Maggi hot ‘n’ sweet tomato chilli sauce, I like hot ‘n’ sweet chilli type sauces, but that rant for another day). So from this ‘just right’ haven we moved to New Zealand where I spent another ten odd years. New Zealand is a far cry from good weather. It was a shock to the system how that island went through four seasons in one day. And now I am in Canberra. Summer is here now. Yet last night the temperature hit below 5 C. Kindly explain for I am at a loss!


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