Writer’s Block

As the title of this blog suggests the above is exactly what I am suffering from. Writer’s block seems to be a genuine thing and not something that came into existence because somebody had to hand in an essay the following day and had whiled away all their time drinking and partying and then realised ‘oops! umm…sorry maam I had writers’ block’ (of course if they could back it up with a medical certificate confirming the same then they might have gotten away with it!).
As I never fail to mention, I have been out and away from the writing scene for quite a while, I like to think that all this time I have dedicated to more (arguably) useful things like studies – although what greater good this will serve, we have yet to see.
My first few blogging sessions were quite productive. In spite of the half a decade long absence I was able to write something that I thought could be read for the ‘goodness and enrichment of one’s soul’. Ok who am I kidding, those words were said by my Prof. to a class of rather atrocious students who really couldnt care less about ‘Analytical techniques in Physical Sciences’. Actually an interesting story surrounds this comment. We were fresh into our first year (and this means it was our second day at university because things get quite stale a few months into a degree!) at university, still in that phase where we thought ‘hanging out’ at ‘uni’ was cool and we were oh so ‘flash’ because we would be ‘Btech-optoelectricians’ four years down the line. So first week into our course we were told that we would be the first ever batch to study ‘Analytical techniques in Physical Sciences’ taught by Prof. BP! What, very convieniently, they failed to tell us what that Prof. BP was Little Nicky with chalk for a pitch-fork, who thought that we were actually there to learn these Analytical Techniques!
After about 99% of the class (comprising of 11 students, one of whom was there to actually learn and so he passed) failed – Dr. MH came to our rescue. MH shared an office with Prof. and had been his student – so he was fully familiar with the effect of Analytical Techniques on young minds and how traumatic the whole experience can be, so to save the university having to pay through its nose for lawsuits filed by the parents of aforementioned, traumatised young minds, MH decided that he would tutor us – on the sly- for weeks before the exam.
In one of these ill-fated tutorials one student who had been religiously pouring over the techniques and burning his belongings one-by-one (as midnight oil must’ve run out!!), in sheer frustration chucked his book on the desk and shouted ‘Why the heck do we have to learn all this c**p”! To this lad MH calmly replied ‘you must learn this for the goodness and enrichment of your soul’!!!! The shell shocked student is still trying to comprehend this remark, as are the rest of us but for that moment in time we actually believed that we were on the brink of something remarkable. That learning ‘Analytica techniques in Physical Sciences’ was the one and only path to nirvana


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. hehe i know !maybe i should have written this blog half a decade back eh!! all the poor souls who are still wondering what all that was about

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